Ahmed Elnaggar

Exploring the Allocation of Funds in Emirates Legal Network

30 May, 2023

Dear ELN Members,

We hope this message finds you well. We are writing to provide you with an understanding of how the membership fees you contribute to Emirates Legal Network (ELN) are utilized.

Every penny of your contribution is reinvested back into ELN and its members. The funds primarily go towards enhancing the benefits you receive as part of your membership. Here's a breakdown of how your contributions are spent. The following detailed explanation outlines the allocation of funds and expenses collected and incurred by the Emirates Legal Network. It is important to note that the financial details provided below are subject to change and are intended for informational purposes only.

1.    License, Renewals, and Filings to the Authority:
Funds allocated for licenses, renewals, and filings with the relevant authorities are intended to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The specific expenses associated with these activities may vary based on the applicable laws and regulations governing the association.

2.    Website and IT:
Funds allocated for website development, maintenance, and IT infrastructure are aimed at ensuring an efficient and user-friendly online platform for our members. These expenses may include website hosting, domain registration, software licenses, security measures, and ongoing technical support.

3.    Arranging and Handling Events:
The funds allocated for event organization cover various costs involved in planning and executing networking events, conferences, workshops, and other related activities. These expenses may include venue rentals, catering, audio-visual equipment, marketing materials, guest speaker fees, and logistical arrangements.

4.    Costs for the Benefits to Members:
The ENL strives to provide valuable benefits to its members. The funds allocated for member benefits cover a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing the membership experience. These expenses may include access to professional resources, educational materials, networking opportunities, publications, and other member-exclusive privileges.

5.    Costs for Arranging Webinars and Conferences:
To foster professional development and knowledge sharing, the association organizes webinars and conferences. The funds allocated for these events cover costs such as IT-related spending, speaker fees, venue rentals, technical equipment, marketing, promotional materials, and administrative expenses associated with organizing and facilitating these educational opportunities.

6.    Salary for the Secretary:
A portion of the funds is allocated towards compensating the secretary - when applicable - for their administrative duties, coordination of activities, member communications, and organizational responsibilities. The salary for the secretary may be determined based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and budgetary considerations.

Please be aware that the above breakdown is provided as a general guideline and is subject to adjustments as determined by the association's financial management and strategic decisions. The ELN strives to ensure transparency and efficient utilization of funds while fulfilling its mission of serving its members and advancing the objectives of the association.

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