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Emirates Legal Network Association - WhatsApp Group Rules

Dear Esteemed Legal Professionals, Lawyers, and Colleagues,

I am Ahmed Elnaggar, the Founder and President of the Emirates Legal Network. Thanks for your membership in our distinguished community. Your participation not only enriches your professional journey but also significantly contributes to the collective wisdom and support within our network. We must maintain the highest standards of dialogue and engagement. I encourage you to welcome other legal industry professionals into this forum by inviting your friends and colleagues, as each new member enhances the overall value of our community.

To ensure a seamless integration and avoid any future misunderstandings, I urge you to familiarize yourself with the group's guidelines. An essential prerequisite for all members, especially those who recently joined, is to introduce yourselves. Please share a brief introduction and your LinkedIn profile with the group, facilitating easier connections and interactions.

This WhatsApp (WA) group is dedicated exclusively to legal professionals and professionals working very closely within the same industry, aiming to foster networking in a respectful and secure environment. Consequently, I kindly request non-lawyers or non-related parties to exit the group discretely.

Consider this group as an extension of your professional environment; hence, conduct and share information as if you were in your office. Anything inappropriate for a workplace setting is equally unsuitable here. Our community includes newcomers to the field, such as recent graduates and new lawyers in the UAE seeking internships, opportunities, or guidance. You are encouraged to set a positive example and offer assistance whenever possible.

We strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of aggressive behavior, profanity, discrimination, unauthorized advertising, adult content, or racist humor. Violation of these principles will result in removal from the group.

Members are welcome to post job opportunities within the legal industry, share their CVs, and seek new positions. However, please be vigilant of potential conflicts of interest when seeking advice or posing questions. Avoid disclosing any client identities, counterparties, or case details that could imply a conflict.

Be advised that anonymous participants and, in most instances, non-legal professionals and non-related professionals to the legal industry will be removed from the group without prior notice.

Our administrators reserve the right to delete any content deemed inappropriate or contrary to the group's ethos, potentially causing undue friction among members.

My aspiration is for us all to engage in networking, learning, and knowledge exchange within a pleasant, secure, and professional environment.


Ahmed Elnaggar

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