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Elnaggar & Partners is a boutique law firm that provides bespoke legal services to individuals residing in the UAE, small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as, multinational companies – especially European based companies. We serve our clients in the corporate and commercial sectors, helping them overcome the ever-changing market conditions within the UAE and abroad.


Ahmed Elnaggar
email: ae@elnaggarlegal.com

Ahmed Elnaggar

Founder and President at Emirates Legal Network, Managing Partner at Elnaggar & Partners, Founder at The Jurist

With over a decade of experience in Corporate Structures, Succession Planning, and Trust Services, Ahmed Elnaggar has become a highly respected leader in the legal industry. His expertise expands beyond legal matters to business and management consultancy, making him the go-to professional for critical decisions.

Ahmed’s expertise in dealing with clients worldwide has equipped him with a deep understanding of international commercial transactions and various jurisdictions. He has extensive knowledge of international taxation, financial centers, and offshore jurisdictions, as well as the legal frameworks of countries like KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Mauritius.

As a leader, Ahmed is characterized by passion, energy, and a commitment to excellence. He continuously invests in the growth and development of his team. With the intention to help extend the laws to people, he launched The Jurist, a platform that invites lawyers, legal consultants, and specialists to share their legal expertise and practices related to the UAE’s local laws and regulations.

Moreover, his dynamic and forward-thinking attitude led his current visionary initiative, Emirates Legal Network to soar. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment for legal professionals in the UAE and empowering them in the UAE by providing them with cutting-edge resources, exceptional networking opportunities, and professional development programs.

Ahmed Gabr
email: ag@elnaggarlegal.com

Ahmed Gabr

Legal Advisor – General Law, Elnaggar & Partners

Ahmed Gabr has gained expertise in drafting and negotiating various legal documents, providing legal advice on diverse issues, coordinating with various governmental departments and financial institutions, and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements that came from his experience as a former Military Prosecutor, Legal Assistant, and Associate in various fields of law.

In his current role, Ahmed is responsible for drafting and overseeing a range of corporate documents, advising clients on complex civil and commercial transactions, providing legal opinions, handling client relationships, and coordinating meetings with clients above all else. He is also highly skilled in contract negotiation, employment and real estate contracts, purchase and sales contracts, commercial litigation, and corporate law.

With his outstanding communication skills and ability to manage litigation, Ahmed provides indispensable support to his colleagues and ensures that all legal matters are handled with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Ahmed Gabr is also pursuing a Master of Laws degree at the University of Salford. His dedication to continuous learning and development further enhances his legal expertise enabling him to provide the highest level of service and support to clients. Ahmed’s eagerness to continuously improve his skills and the firm’s success translates into providing the clients with exceptional legal services and support.

Jody Giordano
email: compliance@elnaggarlegal.com

Jody Giordano

Head of Compliance at Elnaggar & Partners

Jody Giordano, an experienced Compliance Manager and MLRO, embodies strong background in anti-money laundering practices. He holds an ICA Certificate in Anti Money Laundering, Compliance, Banking, and Financial Support Services, a benchmark qualification awarded in association with the University of Manchester Business School, demonstrating the highest standards in anti-money laundering practice.

As a Compliance Officer, Deputy MLRO, and Senior Compliance Officer for various companies, Jody was responsible for creating, developing, and implementing new policies, procedures, and processes, as well as overseeing client on-boarding and client review processes. He also managed AML enquiries or investigations on an ongoing basis, liaised with internal departments, and advised on compliance policy and procedures.

Jody’s key strengths include his ability to adapt and change to meet the challenges created by the constantly evolving external environment. He has a proven track record of delivering outstanding service, making sure all requests are dealt with in a timely manner, and maintaining successful relationships with current and prospective banking partners.

Raluca Gătina
email: rg@elnaggarlegal.com

Raluca Gătina

Partner/Legal Director at Elnaggar & Partners

Raluca Gâtina is an exceptional legal director that has more than 16 years of experience in the legal field, and is registered with The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department and Dubai International Financial Center Wills and Probate Registry, acting as a Legal Advisor and Will Draftsman since 2016.

Raluca’s extensive experience in the industry has honed her practical problem-solving approach, consistency, and strong work ethic. With an innate drive to succeed, she sets her priorities distinctively. She consistently manages to implement her visions and ideas, providing valuable input for business performance.

With the desire to expand her knowledge and have a broader vision of the business environment, Raluca holds an LLM Degree in Marketing and Business Management. As a seasoned legal professional with over 16 years of experience, she serves as the primary point of contact for all customer and partner inquiries and requests related to the comprehensive consulting and advisory services.

Raluca’s unwavering dedication to excellence and exceptional performance has rewarded her to be a Partner in the company in January 2019. Her known expertise in the legal field and keen understanding of customer requirements allows her to tailor the company’s services to meet their specific needs and this has been instrumental in increasing customer satisfaction for the company.

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