Antoine Kanaan

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Antoine Kanaan

Antoine Kanaan

Executive Committee Member at Emirates Legal Network, Editor in Chief of the Lebanon Law Review | Chief Executive Officer at HAQQ

Antoine Kanaan is the CEO and Founder of HAQQ, and the Editor in Chief and Founder of the Lebanon Law Review.

Antoine Kanaan founded HAQQ with a mission to champion Justice and digitize the legal sector with a people-first approach. People all over the world need Justice, and HAQQ works to minimize the time and friction between people and the legal services that they require.

Antoine has also contributed to The National News’s opinion column where his articles tend to tackle the strategic effects of cryptocurrency on international political affairs.

Antoine Kanaan oversees all operations at the Lebanon Law Review and all external relations with third parties, including the Beirut Bar Association, LexisNexis Middle East, and Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung.

Antoine believes in connecting people to each other and to better opportunities and aims to achieve that goal in his role as an Executive Committee Member of the Emirates Legal Council.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates